About Me

I worked Iknow Technology 1 year 3 months As a Fullstack Developer (Java+React) I joined Trendyol Datathon and Zingat Emlak Datathon as freelance Data Scientist. I participated in Cyber Anadolu CTF Camp and Biznet Bilisim Industrial Control System Cyber Security camps. I did my first freelance job in 2011 and I have been doing freelance and open source projects more professionally since 2017.

My Interest

I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. In the winter, I am an avid skier and fitness. During the warmer months here in Turkey, I enjoy swimming and playing basketball. When forced indoors, I follow a number of sci-fi and fantasy genre movies and television shows, I am an aspiring chef, and I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technology advancements in the Developing world.

Millitary Services

Professional Skills

.Net Core
Spring Security JWT
Mongodb, Mysql, Mssql,Posgresql

Work Experience

Sofware Developer at IKnow Technology
01.12.2022 - 31.01.2024

Shopping Mall Mobile App As a React Native Developer (01.03.2023- 10.07.2023)

Developed using React Native

Interview Mobile Application with 3 roles As a Fullstack Developer (01.04.2023- 08.09.2023)

- using Java Spring Boot and React Native

- using Mongo.db and Postgresql

- using React Native Web RTC

- Java 8 Spring Boot Hibernate JPA

- Mapper Structure

- Event Driven Architecture

- Kafka


- Commercial Architecture

- Rest APIS

- Unit Tests

Audit Application As a Backend Developer (01.11.2023- 23.12.2023)

- java 17

- Spring Boot Hibernate JPA

- Mongodb

- Posgresql

- Mapper Structure


- Commercial Architecture

- Rest APIS

- Unit Tests

Ulikme Dating App (01.10.2023 - 31.01.2024)

- fixing bugs on the mobile screen ( Using Flutter)

- developing new apis using Kotlin

- fixing bugs on the backend

- deploying mobile app for IOS and Android

- deploying Backend on Jenkins and Google Cloud

Full Stack Developer via IO Intelligence / Iknow Technology at Nova Mobile Systems
01.12.2022 - 01.06.2023

- Redesign and development the pages and apis in line with the PM.

- Collaborating on the frontend and backend of an IoT project that is based in USA.

- Implementing Vue components into JSP Pages.

- Developed Entities ,Repositories, Interfaces,Services and APIS with using JPA Hibernate

- Using Spring Boot to developed CRUD APIS

- Experiencing n-layered architecture and solid principles

- Using MongoDB and MYSql

- Using Mockito for BLE project

- Using Jira to track tasks and their progress.

Fullstack Bootcamp at Patika.dev
01.10.2021 - 29.12.2021

-I developed project using C# .Net Core and React. And I did a E-Commerce Website (React&.Net Core)

Freelancer Software Developer at Freelance
01.02.2017 - 20.10.2022

You can view information about my freelance work and detailed information about my open source projects on my website.

Long Time Intern at Nkutek Yonetici A.S.
01.07.2019 - 10.09.2019

- I created Açık Destek Takip Program during my internship.Açık Destek Takip is a mobile application that can get information about support for SMEs from Tubitak Website and similar websites. Github

Intern at Ayyildiz Bilgisayar
01.07.2012 - 30.08.2012

I created Dormitory Management System in C#. I used MS-SQL in my project.

Intern at Netbil Bilgisayar
01.07.2011 - 30.07.2011

I formatted to computers during my whole internship


Computer Science at Tekirdag Namik Kemal University
2018 - 2021

GPA: 3.49/4.0
I created Image Processing Program with GUI and I created Brain Tumor Detection Web Site and mobile application and desktop application in C#,Python,Java . For Brain Tumor Detection Algorithm I used VGG-16 Deep Learning Algorithm

Electronic Engineering at Gebze Technical University
2013 - 2018

Founder Vice President , GTU Computer Society
GTU Robotic Society Member
I transferred to NKU in 2018 .

Information Technology : Database Management at Odemis Anatolian Technical School
2009 - 2013

GPA: 86/100 (Rank: 1)
I learned C#, SQL, PHP, Visual Basic,Web Design, Graphical Design


01.10.2021 - 01.01.2022
Thracian the gladiator is a 3D Mobile that developed using C# and Unity3d Game Engine
2021 - 2021
I created my portfolio web site in Python-Django . I used HTML,CSS, JavaScript for my website frontend side
2021 - 2021
I created Social Distance Web Application in Python-Flask. I used OpenCV and Yolov3 library for video processing . It gets video from İstanbul Mobese Cameras and process the video in server . When processing is done , It shows to user with website
2021 - 2021
I created Color Detection Program in Python . Program is about image processing project and color detection project using OpenCV
2020 - 2021
I created Brainsoup Desktop App in C# . It comunicate with server using POST request and send image to server
2020 - 2021
BrainSoup Mobile (Android) application send image to server using retrofit in Java . I created REST API in server side to comunicate with desktop api and mobile api .
2020 - 2021
BrainSoup Brain Tumor Detection Assistant is a web assistant that detects tumors using the VGG-16 Algorithm developed in Python-Flask. The web assistant save data to the MySQL database. It has a modern admin panel.I used HTML,CSS,JavaScript for frontend
2020 - 2020
In this project.you can face detection ,object detection with Yolov3 , Edge Detection from video image or webcam. Recognize the optic character with Tesseract OCR.And you can test Image Gradients and Image Pyramids with modern GUI
2019 - 2020
Leyla voice assistant and home automation system has mobile application(Java) and Website(PHP) and desktop application(Python) . It has speech recognization system using Google Api and chatbot algorithm. In home automation I used nodemcu that powered by arduino
2020 - 2020
We made a program for plastic factory in C#. User can save every business record with program . Program ( BMB310 System Analysıs and Desıgn) (Team Leader, Desıgner and Programmer) C#,Mysql
2020 - 2020
We made a mobile application with android studio . Program showing movie information and users can add a movie to application . I used Java, Android studio ,firebase (Team Leader, Designer and Programmer)(BMB 306)
2019 - 2019
I created Child Spy Program with GUI in Python. It run in every operation systems.It helps you spying your children when your children spend time on computer. I used cyber security functions in my project which were WebCam Saver ,Keylogger, Screen Saver, Web History Saver, App Watcher, Sound Saver
2011 - Present
TırmanBaba ,Survivor fish, HeadTop, Stack Kulem(These are mobile games) and many websites for my customers(Dentist, Lawyer, Restaurant and etc) I started to develope program when I was a student in High School