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First of all hello to everyone.Today,I am gonna tell you Cyber Anadolu Tekirdağ CTF Camp that was given by 'Cumhurbaşkanlığı Savunma Sanayi Başkanlığı' and 'Türkiye Siber Güvenlik Kümelenmesi' in University of Tekirdag Namık Kemal .First,I applied to camp from Cyber Anadolu Website.My application accepted and I was eligible to take the exam.

I attended to Cyber Anadolu Tekirdağ CTF Camp that lasted for 4 days in Tekirdag in 12-15 March 2020.

Fundamentals of Network Security, Web Application Security, Machine Hacking and Cyber Threat Intelligence was given in the 4-day training.

First Day of Camp

On the first day of the camp, we learned basic information about cyber security. What is Cyber Security? We entered the world of cyber security with abstract concepts such as Why It Matters.

Second Day of Camp

After obtaining theoretical information about Web Application security, we learned solutions about web application security from the vulnerable operating system DVWA, which our lecturer gave us.

Third Day of Camp

After gaining theoretical knowledge about Metasploit, Meterpreter and Nmap, we performed penetration tests on vulnerable linux and Windows7 operating systems.

Fourth Day of Camp

We continued the theoretical and practical trainings on Cyber Intelligence, and then we participated in the 3-hour CTF organized jointly with Aydın province. In this CTF, I got 3629 points in both provinces and came first and represented Tekirdağ at the CTF to be held in Ankara in the Summer. I was included in the team consisting of 4 full member and 2 alternate member. After receiving our participation certificates, we did the photo shoot.

Our Tekirdag Team Consisting of 4 Full Member.
Our Tekirdag Team Consisting of 4 Full Member and 2 Alternate Member.
All Participants.

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