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  • With the Factory Registration Automation program, it has been ensured that all data important for the operation of the factory can be recorded.

  • By accessing the user manual on the home screen of the program, it is possible to examine the written manual or video if desired.

  • Our program is role-based, that mean is each staff group can only access their own areas.

  • A new employee can be added and edited through the program.

  • The company can record and report personnel information.

  • Authorization of program users is provided through the admin panel.

  • Goods tracking and registration are carried out in the logistics department..

  • New customers can be added or reports of existing customers can be edited from the Customers section.

In the report section, the visualization of the recorded data and the creation of reports can be performed. With smart graphs, you can easily analyze your data and evaluate these analyzes.

  • The production department can be thought of as a separate program.

  • New product registrations can be made and reported using the reference (Stock Section).

  • It is possible to add new machines from the robotic machine department and to arrange the machines that go into production and control the production.

  • After entering the necessary information for production in the production department, the Production Order can be created and the production order and report can be easily created with just a few clicks..

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Role Model Based User Systems

with the role model user system, you can follow what your staff is doing and run your business.


Manage your database quickly and reliably with our detailed registration screens

Modern Design

Manage your business easily with the modern user interface

Reporting and Visualation

Visualize the data with the help of the Report Screen and print out the data you have visualized