BİZNET Bilisim Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Camp

First of all, hello to everyone, in this article, I will tell you about the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Camp given by Biznet Bilisim. After my online application has been accepted. I took the general aptitude test, which measures cyber security knowledge. After I was successful in the exam, I received an e-mail informing me that I was entitled to participate in the camp, and my camping adventure began. Since the camp is at University of Sakarya , my journey to Sakarya started. During the camp, breakfast, lunch and accommodation were provided by Biznet Bilisim.

The camp lasted for 3 days. After learning various information about Cyber security and Scada Modbus for 3 days, the CTF competition started.

1st Day of Camp

On the first day of the camp, we learned information such as Basic Cyber Security Information, Wifi Hacking, Meterpreter Usage, port scanning via Nmap, Network Security, explained by Fatih Kayran. Our lecturer Kubilay Onur Güngör from Cyber Struggle gave us information about cyber threats, cyber wars, and sociology.

2nd Day of Camp

On second day of camp, Can Demirel from Biznet Bilişimden and Prof. Dr. İbrahim Özçelik from University of Sakarya gave us information about Scada systems and modbus How to bypass Scada Control Systems. How to hack scada systems from websites. With the help of demos, we learned practically how the system settings did not change in the program after the hacking process, but how the settings corrupted the electronic systems.

3rd Day of Camp

On the third day of the camp, the CTF competition took place and we received our certificates. Our group placed 4th in the CTF competition..


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